Fees are due on the first day of each month. A series of post-dated cheques may be given if preferred. After 5 business days a late fee ($5perday) will be charged. Ignorance to pay the fee may cause termination of the childcare service.

On each cheque please include the name of your child; the program in which he/she is enrolled and the period covered by that cheque. Cash and cheque payment can be made at the Daycare office.

Fees remain the same regardless of absence due to statutory holidays, vacation or illness.

NSF Fee:There will be a $25.00 charge for each cheque returned to us from the bank due to insufficient funds. This amount reflects the service charge passed on to us from our bank.
Notice of Withdrawal: Written notice must be given 4 weeks in advance to allow for new enrolments and budget planning. If a child is withdrawn temporarily, he/she will be put on the waiting list on the day of withdrawal. Every effort will be made to re-enter the child on the requested date, but no guarantee can be given.